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  • Electronic Publishing and Distributions
  • Virtual Community Design and Deployment
  • Web Design and Hosting
  • Litigation Support
  • Knowledge Management

The FIEN Group, LLC is proud to be one of the founding members of schoolboardnet

  • schoolboardnet, a virtual community, provides paperless meetings to school board and school districts.
  • schoolboardnet provides everything a board needs without the cost and complexity of what it doesn't need.
  • schoolboardnet promotes green productivity.
  • schoolboardnet actually saves schools hard dollars, which can go to the kids education.

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The FIEN Group, LLC is proud to be one of the founding members of

  • promotes green productivity.
  •, a virtual community, provides paperless solutions, including paperless meetings
  • provides everything a paperless meeting requires without the cost and complexity of what it doesn't need.
  • actually saves hard dollars and has an almost immediate return on investment.

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Rocket Folio Software                  Need Folio Support?

Rocket Folio Views®

A high-performance, Windows-based information retrieval application for professionals who rely on immediate access to information to make decisions. Rocket Folio Views’ primary use is robust, offline text searching within collections of free-format, mission-critical information, regardless of size.

Rocket Folio® Builder

An industrial-strength suite of tools that streamlines the process of converting, compiling and enhancing professional information.

Rocket Folio® Publisher

A software distribution kit for professional publishers wanting to sell their information electronically on CD and/or DVD. The software helps publishers secure their content and package it with the Rocket Folio Views® information retrieval software for distribution.

Rocket Folio® Integrator

A software developer's kit that provides powerful technology for using and managing electronic reference information. Rocket Folio Integrator enables programmers to use familiar development tools to create custom, integrated information


Upgrades and new licenses to Folio 4.7 are available directly from our website with credit card payment and return of signed licensing agreement.


Contact Us about ways to acquire Folio technology or PRIOR Folio VERSIONS

Make Your Infobase Accessible on the Internet

Make your existing Folio 4.x Infobase (not including 4.7) available on the Internet. There are no additional services or start-up fees. Just a simple monthly hosting fee.

We also provide a full suite of security options for subscriptions or private access.

Send us your infobase for a free trial.

Rocket Folio Views®

Folio Views® is a high-performance, information retrieval software tool designed for professionals who rely on immediate access to information to make decisions. Its primary use is robust, off-line text searching within collections of free-format mission-critical information, regardless of size. Folio Views makes people more effective and efficient at finding and providing instant answers, making decisions, consulting clients, and solving problems using information.

Making information manageable. Folio Views® gives users complete control over information. It keeps users in touch with the overall structure of the information they access and the query "hits" their searches produce. These features make massive volumes of information feel manageable and help professional information users find answers fast, even within hundreds of megabytes of free-format information containing graphic, sound, and video objects.

Providing functional content. When it comes to using the content, Folio Views® lets users go beyond browsing, to personalize information and make lasting edits.

Folio Views® provides an intuitive and powerful environment that's easily understood by users, along with the flexibility to modify the environment for specific users or information types.

Whether you are using Folio Views® for a mission-critical knowledge base, corporate manual, help desk, or other power-searching application, Folio Views® offers the performance and flexibility to meet your application needs.

Rocket Folio® Builder

Folio® Builder is an industrial–strength suite of tools that streamlines the process of converting, compiling, and securing professional information.

Folio® infobases serve as secure containers that make information in them more valuable to end users and more manageable for publishers and corporate information managers. Folio® Builder makes it easy to collect information from diverse sources and file formats, combine their contents into a Folio® infobase, and manage user access rights associated with the information.

Folio® Builder helps the information specialist who organizes, updates, and maintains collections of information. It also serves commercial publishers who create professional electronic information titles.

Flexible, Automated Project Management. Folio® Builder oversees the conversion of large source files into Folio infobases, providing complete control over the build process from the first steps of data conversion through the final steps of indexing and compressing.

Rights Management. Folio® Builder lets information owners control who can access information, what they can do with it, and how long they can use it. Folio® Builder can generate passwords that unlock secure or expired data.

With the wrong tools, managing today's flood of information and providing usable access to it for employees and customers can be a overwhelming. As part of Folio 4™, Folio® Builder makes the job easy with flexible automation, Internet capability, and security functions.


Rocket Folio® Publisher

Folio® Publisher provides a software solution for commercial publishers who want to sell their informational content electronically. It lets publishers package robust information retrieval software with their information and provides a redistribution license and software solution for creating commercial infobase titles. Sophisticated security protects publishers' intellectual property, and supports diverse sales agreements, while powerful functionality makes that information more valuable to end users.

Access Control. By managing access down to the paragraph level, publishers can distribute the same information to multiple users and retain control over who can and cannot access subsections of the information. Controlling concurrent use of an information title lets publishers distribute information within an organization, confident that the number of concurrent users won't exceed the number designated in the sales agreement. RSA™ encryption protects secured information from unauthorized use.

Subscription Control. Folio's advanced rights management software lets you control who can access your information, what they can do with it, and how long they can use it. Publishers can designate expiration dates for information collections or generate passwords to unlock secure or expired data for particular customers. This allows publishers to generate subscription-based revenue from electronic titles year after year.

Publishing with Folio maximizes the value of your published information to your customers. A special version of Folio Views®-included in Folio® Publisher for redistribution-gives users complete control over information.

With its ready to use components, security and commerce functionality, and distribution enabling features, Folio® Publisher makes electronic publishing easy, safe, and profitable.

Rocket Folio® Integrator

Folio® Integrator is a software developer's kit providing powerful technology for using and managing electronic reference information. It lets programmers use familiar development tools to create tailored, integrated, and commerce–enabled information applications. The result is a valuable opportunity for developers to profit from the growing information economy.

Folio Integrator provides three types of opportunities for developers. It allows integration of Folio® infobases with other information systems, like relational databases. It enables a deep customization of Folio Views® for specific business needs. Finally, it allows for modular incorporation of one or more components of Folio technology into existing applications.